“Dan and I have been business professionals for over 30 years, spending long days at the desk. I was at a point in my life where I was putting weight on and Dan began to suffer from low back pain – not where either of us hoped to be. Dan and I found TNT Fitness for various reasons. My goal was to work on my fitness and nutrition, and Dan needed to increase core strength to help limit his chronic back pain. One thing we learned quickly is that TNT Fitness is for anyone! Any age, any fitness level, and anyone who wants to live better. Initially the large group setting was intimidating, but after some private sessions, we wouldn't have it any other way! We now participate in the large group training 5 days per week! Brent and the TNT team take the time to get to know you and your goals. Not only do they answer your questions, but they educate you so you can use it as part of your lifestyle. It's easy to see that they truly care about us personally and care that we reach our goals! In a 7 month period I am down 40 pounds and Dan has eliminated all back pain! The TNT team and it's members are all amazing and encourage you along the way. We started at TNT because we felt like we “had” to. Now the TNT experience is part of our lifestyle that we will continue the rest of our lives! Thanks team TNT!”

– Dan and Terri Buboltz

Dan and Terri Buboltz
Kelly B

“Before TNT fitness I had a difficult time finding this type of “healthy.” I’ve been on a journey to find healthy most of my life – working with personal trainers, taking part in many weight loss groups, and even trying fad diets. Prior to being introduced to TNT Fitness through my company and their corporate wellness program, I was frustrated. Things weren’t moving as quickly as I’d like. I really didn't know what healthy was. The TNT crew is amazing! They’ve educated me on what healthy really is. They taught me that rather than starving myself, I need to fuel my body properly for increased intensity, continually work to move better and get stronger, and ultimately keep encouraging me along the way to do even more! From accountability all the way to results, the TNT team makes you feel like you are their only client. They truly care about you as a person and your results. I recommend TNT Fitness. Without them, my hard work and dedication would still leave me frustrated!”

– Kelly Beaulieu

“Growing up, I was the “fat kid.” I had a hard time finding my way in health and wellness and in 2007 I picked up running after we moved back to Wisconsin. It wasn't uncommon to run 50–70 miles per week and by spring of 2010, I had 7 marathons under my belt. I wasn't getting faster and I began to have running related injuries. I needed something different, and different it was. I started working with Brent in May of 2010, and haven't turned back since. Initially I began to get stronger, lose weight, and get faster. Even better, all of the injuries went away and since I have established multiple personal bests on the road and in the gym, even qualifying for the Boston Marathon and completing an Ironman! During my time training with Brent and his team at TNT I've learned a great deal and continued to be challenged to reach new goals. Over the years, Brent’s passion to help clients has only gotten stronger. It's easy to see that Brent truly cares about every individual and their needs and goals. This has rubbed off on the team at TNT, and they know how to continually challenge and help their members reach new goals. I truly look forward to my time at TNT and I encourage everyone to give it a try, the fitness community is amazing and a sure bet to help you reach your goals!”

– Russ Steinhorst

Russ Steinhorst
Todd Midtvedt

“I was out of shape, weak, and had no energy. And being an on-the-go dad of 5 kids, I realized that I desperately needed a lifestyle change. Brent and his team have helped me go from flab to fab and I’m happy to say I’m no longer trying to keep up with my kids. They’re trying to keep up with me.”

– Todd Midtvedt

“Prior to TNT I had never used kettlebells for training and my knowledge of what you could do with them was extremely limited. I was initially intimidated with starting a whole new program, but Brent and the other trainers were great with coaching and helping me get comfortable. I found the gym, and the people already training at TNT to be very welcoming. While I’m proud of the gains I’ve made at TNT, the environment has been the biggest surprise and the greatest reward.”

– Jessica Dennis

Jess Dennis