AB’s are HERE! 3 Reasons Why TNT Fitness Recommends You Should Train for Strong and Washboard ABs. (We hope you can still laugh…)

By Matt Knuth | August 5, 2021 |

AB’s are here FITNESS Shot is COMING UP! Most fitness newsletters and blogs tend to be long explanations by someone trying to demonstrate how much they know. The goal of…

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Going through the motions

Going Through the “Motions”

By Brent Miller | October 2, 2018 |

“Don’t just go through the motions, do it right!”   If you’re like me, you’ve heard something similar to that before — usually from a coach, teacher, or manager. Somewhere…

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Your time is now

Act.I.On–>I Act On

By Brent Miller | July 18, 2018 |

When should I start? When is a good time? When can I achieve my goals? NOW! That’s when. We can’t fix the past, and we certainly can’t jump ahead and…

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The TNT Scoop

The TNT Fitness Scoop: YOU are SO WORTH IT!

By Brent Miller | June 6, 2018 |

SWEET! We have your attention! (Was it the “ice cream cones”?)   We wanted to come to you with some why’s, how’s, fun facts, and more with the TNT Scoop. In…

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