Each of our fitness coaches has a common goal. We want to see you succeed! Seeing you achieve your goals is what keeps us coming back for more! Let us help you BE the BEST YOU! Click on each trainer to learn more.

  • Brent Miller
    B.A., Managing Trainer, Yoga Specialist, Owner/Member
    Brent Miller

    Growing up, Brent wasn't always fit, but he was always active. Through dedication and a strong work ethic, Brent became a 4-year all-conference football player at Lakeland College (University). Since graduation in 2009, Brent has worked with people in the Fox Cities toward their optimal health and wellness. His goal every day is to make a positive impact on every individual he crosses paths with. Spend time with Brent and you'll feel empowered and recharged!

  • Ally Miller
    Fitness Coach
    Ally Miller

    Roughly 6 years ago, Ally ripped her favorite pair of jeans and found herself “there” – the point where health and wellness weren't a focus. It was a mental BREAKING point. Ally needed a change and started by adjusting her nutrition and then adding small amounts of activity. These changes lead to 50+ pounds in weight loss and kickstarted her new healthy lifestyle. Now exercise is how she starts every day! Wherever you’re at, or whatever your "there" is, YOU are SO WORTH IT!

  • Mike Draheim
    B.S., CSCS, Owner/Member
    Mike Draheim

    Mike has been in the health and performance field for over 15 years. Since graduating from UW-Oshkosh in 2000, Mike has worked with competitive and recreational athletes toward their goals. In addition to being part owner of TNT Fitness, Mike also owns XLR8 Sports Training and is the Speed and Conditioning Specialist at Menasha High School. Mike loves being part of the TNT team and enjoys the relationships developed between members and coaches.

  • Carlie Burns
    Fitness Coach
    Carlie Burns

    Join Carlie for one of her sessions and you'll quickly learn that both SAFETY and EFFICIENCY are priorities. As much as results are important, Carlie ensures that all members remain safe and execute each exercise to the best of their abilities. She has coached at other facilities, but LOVES the TNT dynamic. For Carlie, hearing members enthusiastically encourage other members is really what it's all about!

  • Becky Aldag
    Fitness and Nutrition Coach, SFG II
    Becky Aldag

    Becky is a lifelong student of movement, participating in numerous sports and recreational activities. Over the past few years she has fallen in love the with benefits of strength training through the kettlebell. Becky's goal is to inspire other women to seek and find a new level of strength they never knew they had. TNT is committed to making a difference in member's lives both mentally and physically. Join Becky as she shows you the way to STRENGTH!

  • Taylor Jensen
    Taylor Jensen

    In April of 2015 I was on a mission to change my lifestyle. Knowing Brent from high school and that I wanted to avoid the large franchised gyms, I decided to pursue a fitness and lifestyle change at TNT. I was looking for a tight-knit community of people who trained with passion and purpose, and found it there. Little did I know that it would become such a prominent part of my life, and my involvement as a member would lead to coaching. Stepping out of my comfort zone and into this gym has been one of the best decisions I've made. I can't say enough about the programming, coaching staff, and environment. If you are looking to reach fitness goals, join us. We would love to help!

  • Kelsey Lightfield
    Kelsey Lightfield

    Kelsey is a retired athlete who understands the importance of health and wellness to living your best life. She has been dealing with scoliosis for many years and knows that the training style of TNT will help keep her healthy, pain free, and avoid any future surgery. Kelsey has participated in many training programs over the years but LOVES TNT's style of training. Through creative programming, TNT helps strengthen core, improves posterior chain strength, improves life functionality, and more importantly, challenges ANY fitness level.