If you’re looking to combine FUN and FITNESS, then our large group training is exactly what you are looking for. We offer 20+ group fitness classes each week. Over the course of the week we will offer Fun and Fit, Dynamic Movement, and TNT Fit Training. Below we’ve attached a brief description of each.

Fun and Fit

Are you looking to lose weight? Are you looking to just feel better? Are you looking to get stronger and lean out? Are you looking to improve mobility and flexibility? PERFECT! Our Fun and Fit sessions are what you are looking for. Our goal is get you moving as your body is meant to move on a daily basis. Join our Fun and Fit sessions, have fun and get FIT!

Dynamic movement

Move, move often, and MOVE with INTENTION. During our dynamic Movement session’s we work mobility and flexibility through a unique approach with a yoga background. We want you to move for life, and primary goal #1 in these sessions it is to combat our daily stresses: low back pain, stiff neck, and tight hips. Working our joints through proper ranges of motion combined with movement will have you feeling like the best you on NO TIME!

Fit Training

TNT Fit Training is meant to challenge your strength. Strength training is one of the most overlooked fitness principles. In the same, strength training can be very intimidating with all of the complex movements and risk of injury. We can help!  Through strength training we will increase lean muscle mass, improve metabolism, and lose weight! Not only lose the weight, but KEEP IT OFF! Get strong and be the BEST YOU, get TNT Fit!

Peloton Sessions

TNT Fitness offers over 20+ large group training sessions throughout the day. The Peloton allows you to come in ANYTIME to get an AMAZING workout helping you stay on track for your health and wellness goals! Peloton offers up to 14 live rides streamed daily and over 4,000 on-demand fitness classes. These classes vary by length from 5 to 120 minutes and have different themes and music styles, ensuring that you will find a class that fits your mood, motivation, and schedule. Contact us to sign-up for your ride NOW!