Our membership packages for the fitness center listed below were created for different people with different needs. Please contact us with any questions or to discuss pricing.

Personal training

If you have specific goals, need a push to get started on your health and wellness journey, have limited training time available, or simply want a unique training experience, personal training is for you! Personal training at TNT provides a FUN and unique experience where your needs and goals are all that matter! With the 1–1 attention and our unique training experience you’ll be on your way to your best life in no time! Each personal training session is scheduled by appointment and we offer various personal training packages ranging from 1–12 sessions.

Semi-Private training

Husband and wife? Best friends? Fitness friends? PERFECT! Our 2–1 training is great for those looking to reach specific goals, those who want accountability from a training buddy and a coach, or those looking for a specific training goal! We will mix it up, keep it fun, and help you reach your goals! These sessions are made by appointment and offer various training packages ranging from 1–12 sessions.

For many, training in a group is preferred. Accountability and fun with friends are 2 of many reasons people choose to train in the small group setting. Our small group training works in groups of 3–5. With the smaller size, you are still able to get the fully customized training experience. One other benefit to small group training is that you get specific training at a very friendly per session rate. Grab your friends and come and get fit! Our small group training is offered by appointment and sold in 8 session packages.

One of the most rewarding things we see in our group training is our members making friends with other members. People that they didn’t know until they joined our program at TNT. We have an amazing fitness community full of people who have different goals but a common purpose. That purpose is to be a little better every day. Maybe that’s getting stronger, maybe it’s simply showing up, and maybe that purpose is living your best life. No matter your goals, our large group training program will help you get there. Through a unique and fun approach combining mobility/flexibility, strength, power, and endurance training we will always keep you learning and growing. Growing stronger and learning that you are capable of so much AMAZING! Join us and be AMAZED! We offer 20+ group training sessions each week. We offer 12, 24, and unlimited training options for our large group training.

Sport Specific Training

We know that strength training for athletes can be difficult to grasp and often times intimidating depending on your level.  Our sport performance programs offer an extremely unique training experience. Through bands, kettlebells, and specific mobility training, our program differs from any other you have participated in or currently work in. Improve Sports performance, gain athletic confidence, and most important improve injury resiliency with our camps. It’s easy to understand that if your an elite athlete but unable to help your team due to injury then your hard work was for not. Join our programs to stay injury free, improve your performance, and help your team win! We offer group sessions as well as camps throughout the year at our fitness center. Contact us to get your athlete(s) started!