AB’s are HERE! 3 Reasons Why TNT Fitness Recommends You Should Train for Strong and Washboard ABs. (We hope you can still laugh…)


AB’s are here FITNESS Shot is COMING UP! Most fitness newsletters and blogs tend to be long explanations by someone trying to demonstrate how much they know. The goal of this series is to be a shot of knowledge that gives you information without all the filler. So, let’s knock-back the benefits of ab exercises.

AB’s are HERE!

Ab exercises are a love/hate with peoples workouts.

Most of the time it means we’re almost done working out, but it most likely means we won’t be able to cough or laugh for the next few days because we’re so sore.

Why do ab exercises if they’re just going to make us sore?

The truth of the matter is, you really don’t NEED to do ab exercises at all.

Ab exercises are great and have benefits like…

1. Helping us learn to move our low back and pelvis into ideal positions for lifts and just daily activities like breathing using our diaphragms instead of our chests.

2. Teaching our bodies how to create tension to be stronger.

After all, the Rectus Abdominis does connect our upper body to our lower body.

And lastly,

Can you say WASHBOARD?

3. How else are you supposed to get those sick washboard abs like the ones on Men’s Health?

All of these can be done and taught through heavy compound lifts.

(Exercises that involve more than one joint).

Think about a heavy front squat, barbell, kettlebell, or whatever else you’re using.

As you’re moving through the movement, you need to actively engage your abs,

If you don’t you’ll be stuck in the bottom of your squat, or worse, stuck under it because your body couldn’t handle the load.

The same goes for upper body exercises, you’re so much stronger when you create tension through the core when you go into an overhead press or even a bench press.

Not to mention it leads to a very sore low back from you trying to press with your chest when you go overhead.

Now obviously there are some exceptions

For bodybuilders trying to isolate specific muscles groups probably need to do a little core work.

New moms, especially C-Sections, its a good idea to add in some planks and sit-ups to help rebuild the muscles that have been cut through to deliver your baby.

Outside of that, a lot of time ab exercises are just filler.

But that’s not a bad thing.

Everyone wants to feel like they’ve done something after a workout. A lot of times that falls on our “Finishers”, one more thing to cap off a great workout.

There are plenty of benefits of ab exercises, but they may not be needed all the time.

Especially if you lift heavy weight often.

What’s your favorite ab exercise?

Ohhh, and next time you have AB’s on the menu give me a….

AB’s ARE HERE to show your excitement!

-Matt (Washboard) Knuth

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Matt Knuth