Act.I.On–>I Act On

Your time is now

When should I start? When is a good time? When can I achieve my goals? NOW! That’s when. We can’t fix the past, and we certainly can’t jump ahead and make the “perfect” future. The time we get is all we get. There is no overtime. That’s why RIGHT NOW it is up to YOU to live your best life!


But what is it that you want to do with your life? How do you want to leave your mark on this earth? No matter how you answer these questions, all you need to do is take ACTION and you’ll be on your way to living your best life EVERY DAY!


Action. Act, I, and On. Flip a couple of those around and you have I Act On – the beginning of an empowering statement that’s up to you to complete. But that’s just it! YOU need to decide what you want and YOU need to take action.


Does your action need to be extravagant? No! Just SOMETHING every day that helps you reach your goals. If you’re trying to get going on your health and wellness journey, your action might look something like this:


Drink 1 glass of water every morning
Put on my athletic shoes –> anything after that is a bonus
Eat a whole breakfast instead of skipping breakfast
Believe me when I say that action is the most important part of success. What are the things you’re doing every day to reach your health and wellness goal? What are you doing every day to reach your relationship goal? Your professional goal? Your deeper purpose goal? Whatever the goal may be, or whichever part of your life it relates to, step one in achieving it is taking action.


The time is NOW to do AMAZING things with your life. Leave your mark, show up every day, and INSPIRE those around you. We will support you, but those around you can’t do the work.


I ACT ON___.


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Cheers to your BEST life,

— Brent

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Brent Miller

Growing up, Brent wasn't always fit, but he was always active. Through dedication and a strong work ethic, Brent became a 4-year all-conference football player at Lakeland College (University). Since graduation in 2009, Brent has worked with people in the Fox Cities toward their optimal health and wellness. His goal every day is to make a positive impact on every individual he crosses paths with. Spend time with Brent and you'll feel empowered and recharged!