The TNT Fitness Scoop: YOU are SO WORTH IT!

The TNT Scoop

SWEET! We have your attention! (Was it the “ice cream cones”?)


We wanted to come to you with some why’s, how’s, fun facts, and more with the TNT Scoop. In today’s scoop, we are going to answer a bit about why our programs cost “more” than other fitness programs you might come across. Remember. YOU are SO WORTH IT!


When people contact us, one of the first questions asked is, “How much will this cost me?” Commonly our answer receives mixed reactions. Either a potential member loses interest right away, or on the flipside, they are intrigued to learn why our most common large group package cost what it does.

We promise this $$$ will be the best personal investment you can give yourself.

What does your investment get you?

    • PASSIONATE and TRAINED coaches leading from the front
    • Coaches that will show you how to IMPROVE mobility and flexibility (what good is fitness if you can’t tie your shoe?), INCREASE your strength (strength enhances lifelong LONGEVITY!), and ENSURE safety and efficiency (Shhh don’t tell anyone…That’s our secret recipe)
    • Take the GUESSWORK out of your fitness GOALS! Leave it to us. You want results, we GOT YOUR BACK!
    • An amazing fitness community full of FUN and FITNESS! Beware, you might make some new friends along the way!
    • Modifications! If you have limitations, our coaches will actively work with you within a group setting to ensure you continue to move and see the RESULTS that you are looking for!
    • Proven results


Did we mention that you get access to 20+ hours of training sessions that allow for flexible scheduling EACH week?! The choice is yours! If you love the program…GREAT. If you hate the program…NO PROBLEM! We might not be what you are looking for.


Friends, it is our goal to impact each person who walks in our door. Some new members decide after years of a sedentary lifestyle it is time for them to get THEIR life back. For others, they need something different, they need change, and they want to see results. They aren’t sure how to achieve these results on their own. With our group training, you need to do just one thing…SHOW UP. We know if you show up 3 days per week, in just 2 weeks you’ll start to notice a change in how you feel. In 4 weeks you’ll start to see change, and in 8 weeks we KNOW you’ll be on the way to LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE!


Be cautious out there. We understand we are battling the $10/month gyms. We also understand that this is often a fall-back option because you just don’t know where to start. No matter your current fitness level OR fitness experience, we can help you! Our program will take you from where you are RIGHT NOW, at this moment to WHERE you WANT TO GO (Know, See, and ENVISION)! Focusing first on COACHING you through the fundamentals to ultimately building on those fundamentals continuing to gain skill, strength, and power. Striving for even greater goals.


Our goal for you…YOU living your BEST LIFE!


We take the boredom out of fitness and keep you coming back for more. Show up, that’s ALL we ask for. Our coaches will encourage, motivate, and ensure your safety in each session. Once we see that you understand the movements and are moving efficiently, the sky’s the limit and your strength, mobility, and endurance will go through the roof. Onward and upward to your BEST LIFE!


Contact us today to schedule your complimentary Essentials Training at TNT and learn more about our programs HERE. That’s the TNT SCOOP!




Brent Miller

Growing up, Brent wasn't always fit, but he was always active. Through dedication and a strong work ethic, Brent became a 4-year all-conference football player at Lakeland College (University). Since graduation in 2009, Brent has worked with people in the Fox Cities toward their optimal health and wellness. His goal every day is to make a positive impact on every individual he crosses paths with. Spend time with Brent and you'll feel empowered and recharged!