Mars and Rainbow Unicorns

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When I woke up today, I felt good and ready for the day ahead. I had a solid nights rest and my body had that twinge of soreness that tells you that you pushed yourself at the gym the day before. When I got out of bed, ready to go and conquer the gym yet again, I realized I even felt pretty slim. No bloating or yuckiness to start the day. And even better yet, it’s a Friday morning. What could possibly go wrong?


As of late, my goals for myself have been fairly simple; work towards a strict pull up and gain muscle mass while shedding fat. With all the positivity I had going into the gym on this glorious Friday morning, I decided to do a thing. A thing that can lift spirits and make you feel like you can fly into the sky on a RAINBOW UNICORN or push you into dumps with the blink of an eye. I stepped on the scale. Not just a normal digital scale, it was the scale that you have to move the slider pound by pound until you find your number. It’s pure torture when you push that slider beyond your point of happiness and comfort. That is exactly what happened today. It was one pound higher than it had been the week before and just like that, all the positive vibes I started my day with had vanished. There would be no trip to the sky on a rainbow unicorn for me today.


The irritation and doubt in myself and what I am capable of, crept in. Questions like, “how is that possible? I have done everything I’m supposed to” and, “am I incapable of dropping weight?” began to plague me. I started to beat myself up over ONE single pound. Seriously, 1 stinkin’ pound!


As I began my pre-workout routine, I felt that soreness in my muscles again and then I realized I still felt the same way I had earlier in the morning. BEFORE I stepped on the scale. Why did the scale saying I was up a single pound take ALL the positivity away? Then, I thought back to my goals. My goal has never been to lose weight, it has just been a positive side effect that has happened along the journey to my goals of getting stronger and leaner. I know I am closer than ever to my pull up, I’m stronger than I’ve ever felt, and my physique is changing for the better. My ab’s are coming! So why in the hell am I so worried about a damn pound?


The scale isn’t capable of measuring my progress. I know I am working hard and taking all the necessary steps to achieve my goals, and that is what matters. To say this will be the last time I step on the scale would be a lie. But to say one of my new goals is to focus more on the feeling rather than the number, that is the truth. And if I’m focusing on the feeling more than that stupid number on the scale, I’m already halfway to MARS on my RAINBOW UNICORN




Ladies, if you think that TNT Fitness isn’t your cup of tea…think again. The motivation and energy is like none I’ve ever experienced. ALL of us want to see one another succeed and reach new goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get stronger, or just gain confidence, come and join myself and many other AMAZING women! Seriously though, YOU are SO WORTH IT!


Get out there and KICK ASS!

– Ally

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Ally Miller

Roughly 6 years ago, Ally ripped her favorite pair of jeans and found herself “there” – the point where health and wellness weren't a focus. It was a mental BREAKING point. Ally needed a change and started by adjusting her nutrition and then adding small amounts of activity. These changes lead to 50+ pounds in weight loss and kickstarted her new healthy lifestyle. Now exercise is how she starts every day! Wherever you’re at, or whatever your "there" is, YOU are SO WORTH IT!