Know, See, Envision

Like many, I’ve been there. That point where you think what’s next. The point where you feel like day to day life is just meh, going through the motions. Wondering is this it? Is this all my life will be? What’s next for me professionally? What’s my next health and wellness goal? There’s no way this is “it”, but is it?! Alright Brent, time to reign it in, SNAP out of it, YOU TOO! It’s time to get back on the DREAM train. From time to time our members (For the record I hate using that word, so I will call them friends)…From time to time some of our friends come to us with this question. WHAT’S NEXT?! They question where they are, they made some progress, but are stuck, and to be honest ready to quit and accept “it”.


Don’t tell them this but we get EXCITED. Excited at their struggle? You bet! They are unhappy because they want more, but they just don’t know what or where more is. This is our opportunity to slow them down and help them understand that they’ve done AMAZING things, and it’s only the beginning. Many times our friends have already done amazing things, they just did them so fast that they are already gone and forgotten. We get so caught up in the now (let’s be honest we lack patience), and the past is looong gone. Enter these words…KNOW where you were, SEE where you are, and ENVISION where you want to go.


Now I could go on and on and on and…about KNOW, SEE, and ENVISION, but so much of it is all about conversation and knowing the individual. I’ll lead with an example and where these words came into action. We had a friend who started a health and wellness journey before we first met. They had already made GREAT progress, and from day one I knew they were a go getter and wanted more. It was easy to see they were excited but NOT satisfied about their results so far. Enter TNT Fitness and our creative methods. We needed to educate this person on fueling for various training intensity, they were simply not eating enough. We also needed to increase the intensity using various methods. They got stronger and began to eat better and the DREADED weight loss plateau was broken down…This plateau was easy, what happened next wasn’t.


Now our friend has dropped 50 pounds in 7 months, over 1.5 pounds per WEEK! Amazing, but they wanted more and the stress of wanting more was literally driving them crazy. They weren’t sleeping, they weren’t excited, and most of all they’ve become discouraged and disinterested, wondering if they were best fit for their past life. The good feels and good moods happened so fast that they simply overlooked all they had already done. In this case this person was ready to settle, but a simple conversation got them right back on their feet. WANTING MORE!


  • KNOW where you were — In this case 50+ pounds heavier, low energy, unhappy, and a lack of purpose…Now imagine yourself in a place that you really didn’t enjoy perhaps mentally or physically, would you ever want to go back there? I’m willing to bet you had a hard time thinking about that place, because you NEVER want to go back.


  • SEE where you are — OVER 50 pounds lighter, greater sense of purpose for not only yourself but those around you, on a direct path to living your best life. When we are in the present you should ALWAYS want more, never get satisfied. Sometimes we simply need to slow down, re-assess, and appreciate how far we’ve come. TRUTH…We can only change what we have the ability to change. No going back to where you were yesterday or 10 years ago…Good news, YOU SHAPE YOUR FUTURE!


  • ENVISION where you want to go — MORE! I want more, I want to be lighter, I want to be stronger, I want to FEEL better and LIVE my BEST life. YES! You are striving for not only your best but the best for all of those people that you directly impact. Now, how do we get to that point? At this point in the conversation our friend had appreciated all the work she had already done, understood that she is in a FAR better place and those she loves, LOVE the new PERSON they’d become. Yet they were not satisfied, rather ready for more. No matter where you stand in life, NEVER STOP WANTING MORE. I encourage you to take these steps…SEE, KNOW, and ENVISION. Go on and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!


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Cheers to your BEST LIFE, Brent

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Brent Miller

Growing up, Brent wasn't always fit, but he was always active. Through dedication and a strong work ethic, Brent became a 4-year all-conference football player at Lakeland College (University). Since graduation in 2009, Brent has worked with people in the Fox Cities toward their optimal health and wellness. His goal every day is to make a positive impact on every individual he crosses paths with. Spend time with Brent and you'll feel empowered and recharged!