Going Through the “Motions”

Going through the motions

“Don’t just go through the motions, do it right!”


If you’re like me, you’ve heard something similar to that before — usually from a coach, teacher, or manager. Somewhere along the line, one of these people thought that maybe you weren’t putting enough effort in. The assumption is that you are “going through the motions”, and so the challenge is issued to you to work harder towards your goals. As athletes, students, employees, etc., we might not know what is expected. And that’s the issue: WE ONLY KNOW WHAT WE KNOW! So, in our minds, it’s time for coaches, teachers, and managers to step their game up and stop “going through the motions” of their roles in the lives of those they can influence.


At TNT Fitness we are lucky enough to get to work with all sorts of people whose goals, fitness levels, and fitness experience vary. We have the opportunity to connect with each individual to learn about THEIR story and how they are motivated to reach their goals. If someone doesn’t seem to understand a workout — or they seem like they aren’t “pushing” the intensity, for example — we’d be doing them a disservice to challenge them with “STOP GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS!” As coaches, teachers, managers, and mentors, it’s time to TEACH, COACH, MANAGE, and MENTOR. It’s up to us to set others up for success. It’s our job to educate and make expectations understood. It’s up to us to lead by example and show others what it takes to reach a new level both physically and mentally.


Putting it bluntly, using the term “don’t go through the motions” is an easy out for a leader. In saying this, the leader may not actually know how to coach or lead his or her team, and so the buzz phrase is all that is offered. Again, whether you are the student or the teacher, WE ONLY KNOW WHAT WE KNOW. If we have expectations for our team members, then we too need to be competent to teach and coach them how to reach those expectations. Lead from the front, and within those moments where it looks like our teammates are going through the motions, change the tone and ask, “what can I teach here so it DOESN’T happen again? What can I LEARN here to ensure that my team doesn’t make the same mistake? What can I DO as the leader and coach to make sure that my team continues to grow?”


Whether in a sport or in the corporate world, it’s our role to teach and coach our team to achieve GREATNESS. It’s our role to show our teams the way to success. We as leaders need to STOP “GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS.” There may be times when you don’t have a straightforward answer, and that’s OKAY! Nobody has all the answers…our teachers were once students, our mentors’ mentees, and coaches were coached at some point along the way. At the end of the day, we are all in this, trying to get better, TOGETHER! So set yourself up to learn. Find someone you respect — someone who you’re confident either has the answers you seek or will work with you to find them.


My mentor shared this quote that stuck with me: “No one cares how much you know until he or she knows how much you care.” If you are expecting excellence, does your team know how much you care? Are you showing them the way to success, or sitting back and screaming, scolding, or being overly aggressive when they need you most? When your team knows that you truly care and that YOU aren’t going through the motions, they’ll show up. They’ll show up every day and put their TRUE, best effort forward. Life is about continually learning and NEVER becoming satisfied with where you’re at right now. NEVER being okay with “okay”. Take the time to improve your life through improving your health and wellness, your deeper purpose, your relationships, and your personal development. If you focus on those things, you are set to achieve greatness EVERY DAY, and you are set to coach and lead teams by example.


To all the leaders, managers, teachers, and coaches: it’s up to us to STOP going through the motions. It’s up to us to HELP our teams grow and leave their mark on the world.


Cheers to your best health!

— Brent


Brent Miller

Growing up, Brent wasn't always fit, but he was always active. Through dedication and a strong work ethic, Brent became a 4-year all-conference football player at Lakeland College (University). Since graduation in 2009, Brent has worked with people in the Fox Cities toward their optimal health and wellness. His goal every day is to make a positive impact on every individual he crosses paths with. Spend time with Brent and you'll feel empowered and recharged!